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Wearing a Holdster means you can let go, because our purse is cleverly designed to hold on to you. Everything you need is securely and conveniently right by your side. There’s nothing cumbersome to manage, set down, or worry about being taken or forgotten. It’s on you… a part of you, and truly sets you free.


Slip it on like your favorite leather jacket, stash what you need in the pockets, and you’re ready to go. Because Holdster fits close to your body, it can be worn over a shirt or stealthily under a jacket. Straps are customized to your size and pockets can be high under your arm for a tight fit, or loose towards your waist. However you wear it, Holdster fits so good you might forget it’s on. (see our size chart (link to wear it page and size chart))


Holdster’s pockets are small enough to fit comfortably by your side, and big enough to hold phones, keys, cards, cash, make-up, tickets, glasses, meds… whatever you absolutely need and would be stressed without. Even better, with our two pocket design you can spread out important things, keeping them close at hand, where you want them, and easier to find.


Confidently walking into a room hands and hassle free feels good. And with your Holdster, it looks good too. No bulging bag to manhandle. No pouch dangling from your wrist or waist. No straps cutting across and disrupting your outfit. Holdster’s straps wrap, out of the way, across your back. The only thing you’ll notice is curiosity from folks wondering what you’re wearing and where you got it. Yes, if you’re wearing a Holdster, you are a bad ass trend setter.


Holdster’s dual shoulder straps distributes your purse contents weightlessly. You feel lighter, stand taller, and have less shoulder stress. And when you travel with your Holdster, access to stadiums, amusement parks, and concerts is a breeze. Pockets meet security requirements and can be searched with a simple raise of your arms. Boarding an airplane? Wearing your Holdster does not count as a carry on, meaning you can carry more!


Simply… having purse pockets that hold just what you need, frees you from all the needless baggage you’re carrying. Let it go… set yourself free.

We love discovering designer leather and seeing different Holdster_workshop_LeatherRollspieces come together… truly, magic and love is poured into each one of a kind hand crafted Holdster. Small leather remnants are saved and then used to make more inspired pieces like cuffs and wallets. To see what’s hanging in our workshop now, click here.