I’m Laura, that’s Tim, and this is our story.


Although we didn’t meet until 2011, we easily could’ve been friends in the 80’s. Both of us graduated high school in Jacksonville, FL, were raised with conservative values, and knew the words to every Beastie Boy’s song. Tim went on to run a successful tire store in Long Island, and I stayed local to help build a multi-million dollar wholesale gift company.
Our worlds collided at the Wannee Music Festival in Live Oak, FL… my very first festival, and Tim’s 100th. Not knowing what to expect, I brought the hugest bag you’ve ever seen, filled with everything from pillows to sunscreen. Tim donned nothing more than sunglasses and shorts – no shirt, no shoes. His absolute freedom was intoxicating. And when he carried my huge bag the entire day so I could dance and feel free, he captured my heart.
Laura & Tim at Spirit of the Suwanne Music Park
I’d always carried more than I needed, just in case. And experiencing freedom from my bulky bag at Wannee, I realized feeling held back by all I was carrying was something I was ready to let go. A month later while traveling  thru North Carolina, I found a holster style purse and wore it to every concert and club we attended thereafter. A purse I’d happily wear everyday if it had a flap, better straps and was more stylish.
After years of searching for the perfect purse, I decided to create one. And in 2014, Holdster was born. We started handcrafting leather Holdsters in our garage and selling them to our friends and at local markets. Ladies loved them and we learned ways to improve the design and fit with their feedback.
Laura at Riverside Arts Market & our warehouse
We’re still at it, pioneering our secure handsfree purse design, and making each one fashionable enough for everyday wear. I design and Tim hand cuts, rivets, and stamps.
Tim hand stamping feather
The feather on each strap symbolizes Tim’s native american heritage and the freedom and lightness we hope you feel when you wear a Holdster.
Our first Holdster