Holdster easily hangs with you and is never in the way. For best access and most comfortable fit, wear pockets squarely under your arms. Find your fit using the size charts below, and if you need sizing help, contact us.
Choose our standard Holdster with straps riveted in place and non-removable pockets if you want less bling, less cost, and more sturdiness.


Choose our Holdster with adjustable straps and removable pockets if you want more options to finesse fit and interchange additional pocket designs (yes, you can buy just pockets!).



Wondering which pocket size will hold all your important on the go essentials? Check your phone size first… and go bigger if you need extra stashing room. Standard is our most popular pocket size.


Reach across with your right hand to access your left pocket (and vice versa). Righties, place items used most (like phones) in your left pocket. Opposite for lefties.



Adjustable Holdsters have round metal tabs to finesse fit. Pull strap end down to release from tabs and then reposition. Back strap controls pocket length, shorten strap to raise pockets up; lengthen to drop pockets down. Front strap controls slant, shorten to bring pockets forward for easier access.
An empty pocket may make your Holdster feel lopsided. Spread out your stash.